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Now is the time to support public-sector Montessori early childhood education in Haverhill so children in all neighborhoods can be part of our community revitalization.

There are many reasons that your support at this time is important to Haverhill’s growth:

  • Current public policy and investment are supportive of effective early childhood education so having a public-sector Montessori school for young children in Haverhill provides a vehicle for bringing more of that state and federal support to our city.
  • High quality early childhood education programs are a cost-effective way to address Haverhill’s biggest challenges including failure in school, crime, violence, and poverty.
  • Many local early childhood centers that serve economically diverse families in Haverhill have wait-lists proving that more high quality options are needed.
  • Montessori early childhood education is an effective approach for providing a strong cognitive and social foundation; Haverhill is one of a small number of urban districts demonstrating the effectiveness of bringing Montessori early childhood education to the public sector.
  • Haverhill is on a path of revitalization, and public sector Montessori programming is an important strategic step in this journey.
  • We seek a diverse team to join us on this journey.Contact us to offer your unique skills and expertise.

Wish List

We are often asked by friends, family, supporters and community members what they can do to help our school thrive. We put together these wish lists of items that will enhance our students’ learning experiences. Please take a look at the lists below and help out in any way you can.

Marigold Montessori Amazon Wish List

Marigold Montessori Services Wish List

For Small Hands Wish List

Thank you for your support! It takes a village!